Kids Night Out

Young Yogis


$30.00 / 1 event

5 - 12 y/o

Places: 12
Remaining: 12

Everybody deserves a night out!

Drop the kids off. We start with a yoga class to exercise and connect, we play games and have fun with friends. 

Then it is time for some dinner followed by a movie projected onto the wall in the yoga studio.

The children will love their Kids Night. Out almost as much as their parents will! 

5-12 years olds. 

Limited to only 12 children. 

Zen Collective Building 11J, 106 Old Pittwater Road  Brookvale, NSW 2100 

We will be serving the delicious and famous Marilynas Pizzas freshly delivered.

Categories: Sport, Play Centre, Education

Building 11J, 106 Old Pittwater Road 2100, Brookvale, NSW, Australia - Google Map


Fri 28 Jul 2017
05:30pm - 08:30pm
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