Dreamtime Yoga

Young Yogis


$20.00 / 1 event

5 - 12 y/o

Children per event: 20

A special class aimed at helping children aged 5-12 year how to unwind and get a good nights sleep.

We will practise and establish a bedtime routine that includes discussing positives & negatives of their day and talk about any achievements, small or big. After reflecting on the day we will move through soft yoga poses, experiment with some breathing techniques and try our massage skills to reduce any stress or tension. 

Come dressed in pyjamas of course and we encourage your child to bring a pillow or any special blanket or soft toy for that extra cuddly feeling.  

M :: 0424 128226 

E :: pia@youngyogis.com.au 

W :: youngyogis.com.au

Categories: Sport, Education

Building 11J, 106 Old Pittwater Road 2100, Brookvale, NSW, Australia - Google Map


Fri 11 Aug 2017
07:00pm - 08:00pm
Fri 13 Oct 2017
07:00pm - 08:00pm
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