Choosing An After School Activity for Your Kids

May 13th, 2015

After school programs are a great way to help your kids spread their wings, stoke their creative fires, get them active and make new friends. This is all great in theory but how do you find the right program for them?

I always start by asking around. What are their friends doing? What are other kids in their class doing? This is always a great place to begin, as doing an activity with a friend can often ease those first session nerves.

The School office is always useful, they usually have a place for flyers and information for local activity providers, so pop in and see.


At certain times of the year there are usually banners and shout outs from school for the sporting seasons and after school sports programs  - summer on the beaches means Nippers or swimming clubs. There is always cricket, volleyball and tee-ball too. Now that winter is here, we get calls for soccer teams, rugby of both codes and netball.


At the start of each term school newsletters usually have ads for local activities - dance, music, ballet, musical theatre, art classes.

Adventure/outdoor activities

Activities like Scouts and Guides are great for exposure to a broad spectrum of activities. And there’s badges! They can be found by searching online for a local troop.


Languages are a life long learning adventure and local providers can be found online. Coding is now available to all with code schools popping up all over - search online. Chess clubs are excellent for teaching kids about strategy and competition, they are usually attached to schools.

Finally, to find the best activity for your child, ask them, there is no use dragging a kid to something they are not interested in, it's torture all around.

We are also here to help, try searching Hippogo.com.au for after school and holiday activities.

Here are some of our fabulous term time providers -

Applause Musical Theatre

Code Rangers - Code School

Nextstar Sports - Futsal

The Kid Creative - Art Classes

Macquarie University Sport - Kids Fitness

Icon Gymsports - Gymnastics

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Emily Robertson - Hippogo founder, mother, reading group leader, Barbie wrangler, my little pony groomer, band mum, tap dancer amongst other things.

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