Web Design Services

The Hippogo website is made by a small (but experienced) web design agency in Manly, NSW, Australia. We're called Kindleman.

We specialise in complex websites that help you engage your customers better online, and usually sell more stuff. We also do marketing websites, or help you make the most of the website you already have.

Hippogo Activity Providers can get a 20% discount web design, SEO, online marketing and any other service we offer - you can find them our website.

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If you're listing your activities on Hippogo, you can automatically display those activities on your own website.

That means that you can market your own website to your customers, and when they're ready to book, they'll be directed straight to your Hippogo account to book and pay, 

  • If your website is on Wordpress, we have a plugin for quick setup.
  • Otherwise we can help your web developer integrate Hippogo through our easy-to-use API..

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